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Whether you’re buying a home, multi-unit residential property or a commercial structure, the purchase decision is one of the biggest and most important you can make.  Imagine the disappointment after the purchase has been made, that there are serious or costly issues facing the property.

Rea Inspection Services can help make your purchase decision a positive experience.  We will help you make an informed decision, so that you can offer the right price and know what to expect in terms of future expenses.


A home is like any other mechanical device.  Normal usage causes wear and tear that, over time, will create maintenance issues.

Rea Inspection Services can give you peace of mind in knowing the current condition of your home.  By understanding the condition of your home, you can prioritize maintenance needs and expenses for the future, and identify minor repairs before they become major problems.  This will keep your home in good condition and maximize its value into the future.


Whether you’re buying a single family residence, multi-unit or commercial property, having a clear understanding of the condition of the property is a key factor in maximizing your investment.

Rea Inspection Services will provide a thorough analysis of the property, which will help you determine the right price to pay for the property, and budget for immediate and future maintenance expenses.


Whether you’re working with buyers or sellers, Rea Inspection Services can help your transactions go more smoothly, by providing a thorough evaluation of the subject property.

You will be in a better position to market your sellers property, by eliminating unknown conditions that may be discovered in future inspections, once a buyer has been located.

If you represent the buyer, a thorough investigation of the property will help determine the right price to pay for the property and help the buyer budget for immediate and future maintenance expenses.

Additionally, we will provide unlimited consultation time with the client, to help them understand the conditions found through the inspection process.

Upon completion of the inspection, we will provide a verbal summary of the conditions found and will provide a comprehensive and user-friendly written report the same day, which utilizes the latest in inspection reporting technology.


In the sale of a property, the inspection process is at times considered to be one of the low points of the transaction, due to unknown conditions found during the inspection process.

By inspecting your property prior to listing it for sale or prior to locating a buyer, Rea Inspection Services will provide you with a clear understanding of the condition of the property.  Information provided by the inspection will help you decide which improvements may be beneficial in the sale process, or how to adjust the selling price of the property to reflect the cost of the repairs.

Serving Reno, Sparks and other Northern Nevada cities, we provide home, multi-unit and commercial structural inspections, pest inspections and a variety of other services needed to complete the inspection process.  All you need to do is make one phone call and we will do the rest.

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